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The range of Dicks Don’t Lie unique products can be found in a growing number of super cool hotspots across the world.

Shop till you drop… your pants!

The Netherlands


Van Abbemuseum  Eindhoven

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam  Amsterdam

Bonnefanten  Maastricht

BLUESS  Nijverdal

Cool Bananas  Tilburg

De Buurman  Gorinchem

De Queer Boekenkast  Alkmaar

Depot  Heesch

Festen  Maastricht

F.L.Y. Conceptstore  Heerlen

It’s a Present!  Utrecht / Amsterdam / Rotterdam

Museum Arnhem  Arnhem

Maastricht Visitor Center  Maastricht

Pansy  Amsterdam

Papershop  Maastricht

PUHA Shop  Utrecht

Spijkerbar  Amsterdam

Steen Papier Schaar  Delft

TIM Sevenum  Sevenum




DRIFT  Aalst

My Ex Boyfriend  Mechelen

PIET Moodshop  Antwerpen / Gent

Present  Brussels

Rose  Brussels

Spit it out  Brussels




Bohei Shop  Berlin

Brunos  Berlin / Hamburg / Köln / München

Esistfritag Urban Store  Frankfurt

Farbenreich Heidelberg

Keller Kreuzberg  Berlin

Quartier 172  Kiel

SCHEE  Berlin / Düsseldorf / Köln




Blitz  Lyon

Fleux  Paris

Le Petit Magasin  Poitiers

Le Puits d’Amour  Bordeaux

Madame Miettes  Dijon




Arslonga AG  Zürich

Carlette  Basel

Petit détour  Geneva


United Kingdom


Present London / The Giftbox  London


Calling all quirky retailers!

Add a cheeky twist to your shopping list. Do you have an awesome store with a bad ass attitude that is screaming out to be a part of the Dicks Don’t Lie family? If so, then the eye through the glory hole is looking for you.

Pinch me, send me a flirtatious, outrageous Email, or drop your pants on Instagram and I’ll reply as soon as I can. If I like what I see, I’ll send you a catalogue and price list and you can start your dick binge. If not, I’ll swipe left….but don’t be sad babe, I’m a very fussy eater and I don’t go all the way with just anyone.

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