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The Man. The Behind. The Brand.

Do all men think with their dicks? Roger Huskens; the freethinking graphic designer and founder of ‘Dicks Don’t Lie’, certainly does. It’s time to break the many taboos that exist around the mere mention of certain body parts.

‘Dicks Don’t Lie®’ is a quirky, independent brand that celebrates the joy and innocence of these otherwise hush-hush body parts. The hairy butt, the penis, the boob and the unshaven leg are glorious, comical and fascinatingly cute body parts that deserve to be upgraded, not degraded.

Speaking of grades; Roger’s fascination, with the anatomical construction of the body; from hard and hairy to peachy and pert, began before he even sat his first exams. Roger used to baffle his kindergarten teachers with his persistent habit of adorning all work with phallic symbols and pendulous breasts. Roger’s parents were even called into school and questioned about their child’s view of the world.

Roger’s cheeky, playful creations and designs have inspired an alluring array of gender-neutral products, artwork and apparel, intent on bringing the elephant slap, bang, into the centre of the room.

Think of the first collection as merely foreplay. There is so much more to come. Finishing touches have never been so wildly anticipated! Until then…

You don’t know dick.

Cheeky little details

Here at Dicks Don’t Lie; yes we love willies, boobs, hairy legs and the thought of being abducted by dick-crazed aliens, but we also love our planet.

All of our packaging is made from the highest quality post-consumer fibre. Our clothing is made using ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and we are 100% honest and transparent in all of the details that we give you both on our website and via social media.

We want everything to be just peachy and so we offer a full, no-quibble refund, within 7 days of purchase, on anything that doesn’t quite float your boat or tickle your fancy. Happy shopping…


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